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Morgan A

Have you ever experienced something so profound that it brought you right back to the center of your being? That magic moment when the mirror is held in front of your face and all of a sudden it all makes sense? Stephanie has the most beautiful way of bringing to surface what you already know so that you can heal. There is not an ounce of judgement that radiates from her body, only comfort and support. The moment you bring your awareness to your soul wounds is the moment your life starts unfolding. Stephanie was able to help me move away from fear and into a life of following my desires. I have felt a huge shift in my personal life and I wish nothing more than for my friends and family to share such an amazing experience. My heart holds so much love for Stephanie and her (Reiki) practice. Let yourself trust in the unknown.<3

Stephanie Moore was a wonderful addition to our retreat as she provided Hot Stone Massage, Reiki Sessions and Fire Cupping. She brought extensive knowledge to her trade, her presence was distinctive, and she went above and beyond to provide to us a magical experience.


—  Amy T., Honor Yoga Pennington

While on a yoga retreat in Aruba, I had my first Reiki session with Stephanie, (second overall).  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and was totally relaxed during my session.  Stephanie has a very calm demeanor, along with one of the most soothing, relaxing voices I've ever encountered. She naturally puts you in a state of ease. It was basically impossible not to relax and take in all the energy Stephanie had to offer. It is obvious Stephanie deeply enjoys what she does...her empathy for others is evident...feeling the emotions and the energy was uplifting. I truly appreciate her knowledge of Reiki and hope to see her again soon...


—  Shelley, Island Yoga 

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