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Welcome to Mind Body Spirit in Balance, my holistic wellness practice in central New Jersey.  Please click around to find what serves you in this moment- and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line!

Reiki Sessions


Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain anxious? Join me for a Reiki energy healing session, customized to your exact needs and specifications! 

Chinese Fire Cupping


Do you lead an active lifestyle, or simply experience heavy back pain? Join me for a traditional Chinese fire cupping session and learn firsthand how wonderful negative myofascial release can feel!

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

Are you an avid at-home or in-studio yogi looking to deepen your practice? Join me for a private or semi-private yoga class to refine your asana alignment and delve deeper into your practice!


Spiritual Psychotherapy


Have you felt as though you were in need of a listening ear? I am a certified Spiritual Psychotherapist and I love being an integral part of one's healing journey. Pair this and Reiki for a truly transformative experience!

Hot Stone Massage


Looking for the perfect way to release back tension and feel utterly pampered? Join me for a hot stone massage, which includes not only the massage but aromatherapy as well!



Is your meditation practice in need of a kick start, or maybe are you looking to start with a brand-new practice? Join me for a customized meditation practice, either grounded or floating in an aerial silk.

Chakra Balancing


Experiencing energetic blocks or misalignment can be a difficult and deeply frustrating experience. Join me for a fully customizable chakra balancing session, in which various modalities can be incorporated to facilitate your wellbeing.

Integrative Facial Treatment


Are you looking for a little skin refresh, or even just a little "me time"? Join me for a luxurious treatment full of different modalities such as facial rolling, facial cupping, microdermabrasion and more! Each treatment is customized to your unique skin and needs.

Reiki Trainings


Have you experienced Reiki and decided that you should take the next step? I am available for both group and private Reiki instruction for levels I, II, and III. Contact me to learn more about availability and more information!

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