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Services for groups

Stephanie is available for corporate events, retreats, live streaming events, podcasts and more.  She has considerable experience with numerous television, radio and live events over the years.

She is best known for her talk titled "Love Yourself, Heal Yourself", which is also the title of her much anticipated upcoming memoir/workbook.

For more details, please use the Contact Me form.

I describe Stephanie's workshop as part lecture from a wise loving guru and part lunch with your best girlsfriend(s). I’m talking about those rare, good friends that tell you all the things you need to hear. It’s the conversation you “kind of” felt or buried and this is the moment it comes to the surface. I came to her workshop on the heels of examining myself in a video and oh my gosh did I pick myself apart. This is a typical activity for me; criticizing myself and worse, comparing myself to others. During her words and the mini meditations, I started to ‘mother‘ myself. All those ugly, negative words were still there but I started to talk back to them in a loving way that really clicked for me. I spoke to my younger self or like I would any child. “You’re flawed but you’re perfect” is what I came away with. This work is lifelong of course, a muscle we must work daily, but Stephanie’s workshop is the awakening. It’s the words and energy your soul needs to push you to your greater self. This workshop is the first step in wherever you’re going (even if you don’t know where that is). I highly recommend taking it. Kristiana .

I attended Stephanie's "Love Yourself Heal Yourself" workshop completely on a whim. I heard about it about an hour before it began and signed up as the title spoke to me. While listening to what she had to say, I have to believe it was actually divine intervention and not a coincidence. 

Everything she said spoke directly to my heart. She reassured me that I am on the right path to true self care and self love. The most transformational thing that I took away is that self love is based in ACTION and there are real, tangible things we can all do to live a more joyful life. I highly recommend that everyone attend this workshop. You will love it!



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